Monday, April 27, 2009

Breaking the Chain

A YouGov survey commissioned and revealed today by the Scottish Conservatives shows that 84% of Scots believe family breakdown to be a significant contributor to crime. Tomorrow Annabel Goldie MSP, Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party Leader, is chairing a conference tomorrow, entitled 'Breaking the Chain', billed as an "opportunity for a wide range of people from a wide variety of organizations to come together, united in one aim: to find ways to break the chain of family breakdown and crime."

I am not convinced that yet another 'talking shop' about the negative aspects of family breakdown actually achieves very much. No country has managed to reverse the changing structures of families and we know education and support for families can minimise the effects of divorce on children. What we really need is more information about how some families readjust after family breakdown and their children go on to live successful lives, less talking and more doing.

Press release Source Scottish Conservatives 27 April 2009


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