Sunday, April 5, 2009

What About the Children?

Recently I came across this excellent new book by well known psychotherapist, Julie Lynn Evans. "What About the Children?" features a foreword by Professor Peter Hill, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Many adults tell themselves that children are resilient, while others feel they are hurting the people they love the most. Julie Lynn Evans describes children's artwork when one depressed mother appears as a sagging black balloon; a dissolute absent father is scrunched up into a clay ball and hurled around the garden.

The book explains how to interpret a child's symptoms and reactions and provides parents with practical tools to overcome their problems. Remedies are simple and common sense - rules and diversions. Don't argue in front of the children and don't denigrate the other parent. If the child lives with one parent some contact with the other parent however inadequate they may be is usually better than none at all.

There is advice for outsiders too. Broken homes can be healed from the outside. Non judgmental grandparents, neighbours and others can help. The last thing a distressed parent needs to hear is criticism even though it might be well intended.

"What About the Children?" is essential reading for parents going through separation. It is a snip at £8.44 available here from Amazon.


BFS,  08 April, 2009 00:47  

Can you force the ex to read it too?
I might just have a read regardless.

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