Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lawyers Warn of CMEC Bullying Tactics

Non- compliance with child support has become widespread in Scotland claims The Scotsman and The Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (the organisation replacing the Child Support Agency) is threatening some blameless Scottish parents.

Family solicitor, John Fotheringham, described the CMEC powers draconian and said some people are so frightened by the prospect of jail they pay up even though they owe nothing.

"I have no sympathy for those who wilfully refuse to pay when they owe it. But they are not making proper checks to verify who owes what. This organisation is not competent to use the powers it has. The running of the agency is woefully inefficient."

Non resident parents were warned earlier this year that their driving licences would be confiscated for failing to keep up with child support payments.

A CSA spokesman said the agency has been determined to collect unpaid maintenance arrears and in 2008 there was a 68 per cent increase in recovery on the 2006.

Full Story Source The Scotsman 1 April 2009


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