Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parrot Custody

A court in Florida recently heard a "custody" dispute regarding a parrot "nurtured and doted" upon at different times by two women. Apparently such cases are not totally unheard of.

This is not the first such dispute. In 2006 in Argentina, in litigation between Jorge Machado and Rio Vega, the court ruled that a parrot called Pepo, which each man claimed was his, should be imprisoned until it uttered the name of its owner. Five days later it squawked “Jorge” and sang the anthem of his favourite football team, San Lorenzo. The evidence of another parrot caused problems in Leeds in 2006. Chris Taylor discovered his partner Suzy was having an affair when his parrot, kept saying, in a perfect mimic of her voice, “I love you Gary”.

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Source The Times 17 April 2009


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