Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two Tales

Two tales which have absolutely nothing to do with divorce.

Jeremy Paxman has gone up in my esteem after admitting to Good Housekeeping magazine that he loves housework and vacuuming. He said: "I rather enjoy housework so I wouldn't confine it to women." Now I will never be able to watch Newsnight again without imagining Jeremy Paxman in a pinny!

Full story Source The Herald 2/4/09

The second story was about the menu for dinner for the G20 leaders at 10 Downing Street. I like good food but I think there is a tendency these days for chefs to go over the top in the quest to be different. Venison with bitter chocolate is fine but I actually prefer venison with old fashioned berry jelly - junipers red currants, cranberries whatever. I thought Scottish salmon and fudge on th menu at 10 Downing Street was definitely stretching the imagination a bit too far until I realized the "fudge" was referring to the agreement to be reached today. Doh!

Full story Source The Scotsman 2/4/09


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